YSL-009 | Your Love is Still the Same

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Your Love is still the Same

When I look into my life,
all the days that I've been through,
your love keeps pouring from above,
and grace so bountiful.
There were times of unbelief,
it was troubles all that I see,
days and night of desperate cries with tears keep falling from my eyes.
When Ilook into my life,
many time I had to strive,
just how could I not realise,
that you were by my side.
I am weak and frail,
thrungh the trails I have failed,
yet you lead me to your path,
forgave me all that I have done.
But through these moments of pain,
where no one seem to care,
on the darkening road I tread,
through the hours of tearful prayers,
Through the times I've sinned,
broke yourheart in my unbelief,
O lord, L praise your holy name,
your love is still the same.

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